Mörsils FVOF

  • South side of the Indalsälven, north towards the hometown Römmen
  • West along the Indalsälven, taken from the Sällsjö bridge

Indalsälven vid Mörsil

  Jämtlands län / Åre municipality.

Regulated water, where fishing may be conducted from a line 100 m upstream of the power plant pond up to Lake Litens outlet in the Indals River.

Both flowing and calm water, with perch, whitefish, pike, grayling, trout, canadian trout.

Varying water levels due to regulated water flow. Pretty rich bird life. A windbreaker is found at the southern bridge bracket of the Sällsjö bridge.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

Fish species









Mörsils FVOF

Organization number: 893203-1266

Work for good fishing in our part of the Indalsälven.

Customer number: 777, Area: 737.

Contact persons

Anders Lindman:
070 - 66 44 918


Fishing areas nearby Mörsils FVOF

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Liten (mellersta delen)
Liten, Åreälven m fl vatten
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Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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