Östergeta Bys Samfällda


Östergeta vattenområden

  Åland / Geta municipality.

Varying fishing waters from the open sea to the inner archipelago. In the north there is sea trout, closer to land recognized good water for pike and perch.

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 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Östergeta Bys Samfällda

Östergeta village community manages the common water areas through fisheries conservation, planting of pike, whitefish and trout fry, embossing bag for sea trout, collection of fish roe, reed trimming.

Provides berths for rent and launching ramp in Lisström.

Fishing licenses are sold to, among other things, finance fisheries management.

Customer number: 1209, Area: 1210.

Contact persons

Alf Berglund
+358 457 3149 692


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