Klippans Sport- & Fiskevårdsförening

Fishing permits for Klippans Sport- & Fiskevårdsförening 

Good to know

  • Fishing is allowed between 06:00 and 22:00
  • Fishing licenses must be clearly visible and displayed on request along with identification.
  • Only fly / spin fishing with one (1) rod and one (1) hook is allowed.
  • A maximum of 2 salmonid fish may be caught. Thereafter, fishing shall be terminated. The release of caught fish (so-called Catch & Release) is not allowed. However, it is allowed to buy more than one day pass.
  • Any type of meteor is prohibited . Plastic bullets, bombardments or other throwing floats must also not be used.
  • Natural bait such as worm, shrimp, maggot and corn must not be used, nor are artificial baits like powerbait. Mashing must not occur.
  • Fishing for pumpkin carp may of course not occur. But should one accidentally be hooked, it should be gently hooked into the water.
  • In ice fishing, natural and artificial bait may be used for pimple fishing. Maximum one (1) rod and one (1) hook are allowed. Ice fishing with angeldon must NOT occur.
  • Do not use a boat, canoe, float or waders / boots.
  • There are several jetties in the lake to fish from.
    Be afraid of you - the jetties are trespassed at your own risk!
    Show consideration for other fishermen by rotating between the jetties. Do NOT walk on the private dock and ground.
  • Barbecue area is provided at the windshield. It is not allowed to set fire to nature or the jetties.
  • It is not allowed to spend the night at the lake. Camping is at Hjälmsjö just outside Örkelljunga.
You can buy a fishing permit from Klippans Sport- & Fiskevårdsförening at iFiske! All produkter (fishing permit) we sell are digital and a receipt is provided to you by eMail, to our app and as a SMS text message (option) . Sold by Klippans Sport- & Fiskevårdsförening (837600-5628).
Day pass Lilla Hålsjön
Day pass in Lilla Hålsjön (Trollsjön).
Maximum 2 salmonid fish per card.
Fishing between 06.00-22.00.
Allowed to redeem more than one card per day. C&R is not allowed.
Children up to the age of 11 fish for free on an adult fishing license and quota.

Price: 220 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)
Day pass - Youth Lilla Hålsjön
Day pass in Lilla Hålsjön (Trollsjön) - Youth 12-15 years.

Max 1 salmon-like fish per card.

Fishing between 06.00-22.00.

Allowed to solve more than one card per day. C&R is not allowed.

Bring identification or passport. A good photo of the ID / passport is also approved if the parent or other adult is not present and can prove it.

Price: 120 kr (SEK, Incl. VAT)

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For children and adolescents ...

Klippans Sport- & Fiskevårdsförening offers free fishing for young anglers. Please read and following the general fishing rules that apply for the area. Rules specifically for children and adolescents:
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 11.
 Fishing for free on adult fishing license and quota
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