Risbrodammens FVOF

Fishing permits for Risbrodammens FVOF 

Fixed unmanned pay stations at two fishing / boat locations. One at Drottningstorp and the other at Risbro (see markings on map). Please note, cash payment only. It is possible to fish both from land and from boat, but there are no boat ramps. Boats can be rented and paid at the two unmanned pay stations. Please note, cash payment only. Boat rent SEK 50 / day for one person, SEK 20 / day for additional co-passengers. Children up to 10 years of age get free ride in the boat.
 Unfortunately, iFiske does not sell the fishing permits for this fishing area yet and we need to refer you to the local providers of the fishing licenses, as listed below. Would you like to help us? Please contact Risbrodammens FVOF and tell them it would be a great idea if they also offered their products through iFiske.


Day pass 50 SEK / pers
Weekly ticket 200 SEK / per
Season pass 400 SEK / pers, valid from 1 / 5-30 / 9
Season ticket for summer cottage owners and permanent residents in the surrounding area SEK 300 / pers, valid from 1 / 5-30 / 9

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