Södra Marsunds Fiskevårdsförening


Södra Marsund

  Åland / Hammarland municipality.

The contiguous fishing license area is extensive from north to south Marsund located between Hammarland and Eckerö municipality.

The fishing area varies with both deep reed edges to shallow shores around the islands.

The area has good access to trout, pike and perch. In the area, active fish conservation is conducted in the form of planting two-year-old trout and pike fry.

 For more information, see iFiske.ax (separate site)

Södra Marsunds Fiskevårdsförening

Organization number: 0144743-7

Södra Marsunds fiskevårdsförening has been managing the fisheries administration for Mörby, Frebbenby, Öra, Kattby, Hellesbysand, Kappalö and Borgö communities since 1970.

Customer number: 1208, Area: 1209.

Contact persons

Stig Mattsson:
+358 400 229 113


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