Storjangen, Älgsjöns FVOF

  • Photo: Christian Karlsson
  • Photo: Christian Karlsson

Storjangen, Lilljangen, Älgsjön mfl

  Värmlands län / Sunne and Hagfors municipality.

The lakes in the area are Storjangen, Lilljangen, Älgsjön, Älgtjärn, Stackhallsstjärn and part of Holmtjärn as well as the rivers Björka river and Tvärån .

The lakes have a good stock of perch, pike, whitefish, roach and noble fish as trout.

The rivers have a stock of brook trout. Over the years, pigs have gained 8 kg, perch of 2.5 kg and trout of 8 kg.

The lakes are easily accessible for fishing from land as well as by boat.


Storjangen, Älgsjöns FVOF

The association has been around for 20 years and has its business area in Lövstaholm and Ransbysäter. The association works with fishing promoting measures in the area.

Organization number: 874004-2482

Customer number: 452, Area: 411.

Contact persons

Lars Tagesson
070 - 868 50 34


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