Jerkbait Overview


Jerkbait is a type of angling with wobblers without spoon-pressure front with vertical "jerks".

The Basics

Jerkbait is a type of wobbles without spoon-pressure forward with vertical "jerks". At spinning top slides work sideways and "flutter" bit which in Sweden attracts primarily pike but also perch. This is however only one type of Jerkbait called "Darters". There are those who have been most popular in Scandinavia. Other types of jerk baits are ytbeten example, which probably most associated with Jerkbait, or propeller baits that winds its way across the surface with the help of one or two propellers mounted on the front and / or rear. Jerkbaiten is originally from America and has become popular in Sweden only in recent years. Recently, lots of big pike reported on baits Belly Buster, Buster Jerk, The Pig, Poe's Jackpot, Fatso, Slider, Manta and Bass Oreno. [Source: Wikipedia]


The most popular equipment Jerkbait is a short and stiff spinning rod and a multi-roll. The line that the use of exclusively braided line, this because it is rigid, unlike the nylon line is stretchy. It is important to use a rigid rod and a butt line, to cause movement of the bait. Jerkbaiten has no built once in the water, but it is you who controls the time with your rod.

Advanced tips



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