Västra Mångstekta Fiskelag


Västra Delvik

  Åland / Sund municipality.

Welcome to Västra Mångstekta's fishing waters in Delvik!

The fishing water extends mainly around the peninsula Lillholmen and Storholmen in Delvik.
To the east, the fishing water borders Östra Mångstekta's fishing waters.
In the West towards Vivasteby. In the south towards Prästö and Bommarsund.
Fishing from boat only.

Launching ramp for boats is adjacent to Delvik pier.

There is plenty of pike.

If you like pike fishing, then the water in Delvik is the right fishing water!

 For more information, see iFiske.ax (separate site)
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

Västra Mångstekta Fiskelag

The fishing team has been under orderly management since 2014.

Västra Mångstekta Fiskelag is an association, community, of water owners in Mångstekta village that cooperates in the management of fishing rights on the community's waters

Customer number: 1218, Area: 1219.

Contact persons

Robert Lindeman,


Mobilnr: +358 40 506 2332


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