Vesterkalmare Byalag


Vesterkalmare bys fiskevatten

  Åland / Jomala municipality.

Open bay between Kalmarnäs cape and Mariehamn, which in the middle borders Mariehamn's water area. At the far north of the bay there are some reeds and along Kalmarnäs the beach is shallow with occasional reeds.

In the middle of Slemmern there is a long groin that extends in a north-south direction.

At the southern end of the area there are along the western fishing border two smaller islets, Råttgrunden, and to the east of them there is a larger islet, Tersö, with reed stands on the south side.

Perch and pike are available all year round and whitefish from autumn to spring.

The launching ramp is closest to Mariehamn.

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 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Vesterkalmare Byalag

The Vesterkalmare village team was formed in 1991.

The village team is a community that safeguards the interests of the co-owners and the village, among other things, benefits fishing in Slemmern by planting pike and whitefish fry annually for income from the sale of fishing licenses.

Furthermore, various efforts have been made to improve the water quality in Slemmern.

Customer number: 1210, Area: 1211.

Contact persons

Edgar Kalm

+358 457 3135 805


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