Ytterby Byalag


Ytterbyviken, Ösundet, Lumparn

  Åland / Jomala municipality.

Welcome to fishing in Ytterby's fishing water area!

A varied fishing water with fine reeds in Ytterbyviken in the west and rocky beaches and smaller reeds in the east towards Lumparn.

Ytterviken in the west is suitable for both spring and autumn fishing for pike and in the east towards Lumparn, fishing for both perch, pike is common, but also trout.

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 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Ytterby Byalag

Organization number: 0144765-6

In Ytterbyviken there are some berths for rent and launching ramp. Note that parking below the sign is prohibited. This is so that there will be enough turning space when launching. Temporary parking for loading a boat etc. is of course allowed.

Ytterby village team / fishing water performs planting of whitefish and trout fry, as well as collecting pike roe in the spring. Fishing licenses are sold to, among other things, finance fisheries management.

Customer number: 1212, Area: 1213.

Contact persons

Jens Johansson


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