Asp ("Asp") Overview

Asp - Aspius aspius

Asp in Småland called asping, belongs to the carp family. Aspen has an elongated body with a deeply split tail fin. The fins are reddish gray to reddish brown. The pectoral fins are long, slightly pointed and are the easiest to recognize aspen when it is in the water. The mouth has a clear underbite and has no teeth.

Aspen can grow very large, the largest specimens are over 1 meter long and can weigh over 12 kg.

Aspen hikes in streams to play during April-May. The game starts when the water temperature exceeds 6 ° C. The spawning takes place in flowing and rushing places with rocky bottoms that are often abundantly overgrown with water moss.

[Source: Wikipedia]

Record size

Angling record is 8.0 kg.

Fishing tips

Asp is listed as Near Threatened (NT) in the Swedish Red List (Species Data Bank 2015), and it is covered by the EU's species and habitat directive. This means that Sweden has obligations to preserve the species and its habitat.

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
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