Lake (Canada) trout ("Kanadaröding") Overview

Lake (Canada) trout - Salvelinus namaycush

Canada Charles originates from North America and has been translated into Swedish waters, ie, it is not a natural species. The biggest difference is purely cosmetic toward our native trout is that Canada Charles does not have a red belly. The color varies from silver, green-gray and brownish gray with yellowish spots.


Canada's Charles where it is deployed. A place that has got a fairly large population of Lake trout are the waters in Ammarnäs. In some water has stopped to put the fish after you seen the consequences, however, it is not uncommon that the species reproduce.

Size and growth

Canada Charles grows slowly and can become very old, sometimes up to 40 years. It is mainly fish eater which is a threat to our natural species, if they are spread too much. Canada Charles can be really great, in domestic water (America), they can be around 45 Kg.

Record size

Swedish record: 12.9 Kg.

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
  1. Jig - Pirk
  1. Spinning - Spinners between (6-12 grams)
  2. Fly fishing (one handed) - Flies - Streamers
  3. Spinning - SPOON
  4. Spinning - Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
  5. Trolling - Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
  6. Trolling - SPOON
 Unfortunately there is no statistics yet for this fish species in this area.

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