Vimba ("Vimma") Overview

Vimba - Abramis vimba

Vimma (Abramis Vimba) is a species in the family of carp fish.


Vimman are scarce along the Blekinge coast from Pukaviksbukten and east and along the East Coast to the northern Hälsingland. F.O. is it sparingly in a few inland waters Mörrumsån in Blekinge, Säbysjön and Emån in Småland, Roxen in Östergötland, Vanern and Lake Malaren, in Järingesjöarna, Närdingen, Bornan, Erken, Lommaren, Valloxen and Säbysjön in Uppland and Amungen in Dalarna

Size and growth

Height and weight up to 40 cm and 1.07 kg, but usually is not the nature of 25 cm.

Record size

Swedish record: 1.39 Kg.

Most efficient fishing methods

Information below is based upon thousands of real catch reports from the past two years.
  1. Spinning - SPOON
  2. Spinning - Jig / Soft Bait (Tail / Grub)
  1. Rowing boat trolling - Jig / Soft Bait (fishy)

Vimba, Avg. Weight (gr)

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