Rowing boat trolling Overview

Rowing boat trolling

A simple but effective method.

The Basics

Pull Rowing is a method similar to trolling, but instead of using a boat motor So move it forward stroke. It is thus lagging the bait behind the boat.

The method has long been very much appreciated by people who do not require much in utrustningsväg. The method has also proven to be very effective, and as you move across the water virtually noiseless, no engine running. Then you create a very attractive variable time for the bait in the water because it's basically impossible to keep exactly the same speed all the time when rowing.

Drug Rowing is usually performed with a simple equipment and a smaller boat / echo adapted to row. The method has proved successful in a number of different species of fish such. Pike, perch, trout, char, pike-perch.


You can row moves with the simplest of equipment.
Most common is a spin / haspelutrustning with spinning reel, enclosed spinning reel or a multiplier reel.
The rod may be of different lengths and types, type spinning rod or spinning rod.
The line you select can be either nylon or braided line, it can be effective to test braided line because it is silent and not give in to a nylon rope making. Important in the hook-up phase.

Advanced tips

Sometimes it is difficult to manage to hook the fish when rowing strokes. It is after all the oars, and in the meantime to do mothugget fish have already released. One tip is that as soon as you see that a fish is on, to take some really powerful strokes, to increase the speed and thus manages to hook the fish.

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