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Ängesån, Puorojärvi & Karrajärvi

  Norrbottens län / Gällivare municipality.

The main fishing lake around Ullatti is the salmonous Ängesån river, which only gets water from the top of the mountain world. This means that the water is cold and acidic where salmon fishes enjoy.

Ängesån is a long distance due to the gravel bottom, the river is suitable for this purpose and is also well-known for fly fishing with dry fly. In the deeper parts and the deep porpoises are usually more salmon or trout. The shallower streams hold very nice stocks of harr. Calm stretches and the many coves that exist after the river have streamers, which can be an adrenaline-inducing experience to get on the hook.

The water comes via two flows, Vettasjoki and Valtiojoki a few miles upstream Ullatti. The river is full of meanders ("curves") and the depths can therefore move from year to year. Deep pits arise and disappear when iceberging takes place, which can be dramatic and worth a visit. The ice cube is usually about 10 May.

Ängesån walks down towards the coast. Linafallet is the place where Linaälven joins Ängesån in a spectacular waterfall that boasts 16 meters of fall height as the highest waterfall in the northern part of Norway. To the case you can reach the Hakkas motorway, the take-off route is just after the village Satter. It is mentioned that the more famous waterfall Jokkfall has a fall height of 9 meters ...

Ängesån gets water from several watercourses along the way and at Överkalix is ​​a wide and impressive river that connects with the Kalix river. No expansion of hydropower exists in these systems.

In and around Ullatti there are a number of smaller streams and even a number of lakes, some of which can be challenging to get to the lakes, usually have ponds and some carp fish, including lakes with perch are found
The streams, some of which are protected, can hold nice stocks of trout.

To try this, it is recommended that you contact the Ullatti Fisheries Association, which can assist with a guide if necessary.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Ullatti FVOF

Ideal fishing association.

Organization number: 894003-9962

Customer number: 439, Area: 398.

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Hans-Ola Johansson
Österbyvägen 3
954 41 Södra Sunderbyn
0702 - 43 85 86

Patrik Eslund
Roslingsvägen 15
982 35 Gällivare
0702 - 45 71 43


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