Bälingesjöns FVOF



  Skåne län / Perstorp Municipality.

In the lake there are the most common insecticides perch, braxen, pike, goose, carp, roach, sarv, hunter, rainbow trout every year, carp weighing up to 20 kg.

The lake is about 70 ha and is fairly shallow with the largest depth of about 5m. It is good to fish from land in many places, the fishing area also hires boats.


Org ID: 841, Area 801

Bälingesjöns FVOF

Carries out fishing and landscaping in and around Bälingesjön and sells fishing licenses to the public.

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Contact persons

Mats Persson:
070 - 550 46 45



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Affiliated fishing areas in Skåne län
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