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  Västra Götalands län, Jönköpings län and Hallands län / Gislaved, Falkenberg and Svenljunga municipality.

Fegensjön is regulated and is part of the Ätran water system. Note that the water level can vary by an amplitude of 1.75 metres. The depth chart is based on a water level of 132.65 above sea level. Call +46 (0)346-61228 to find out the current water level.
FEGEN'S NATURE CONSERVATION AREABesides general laws, Fegen is covered by additional protections:
From April 1 to July 15 prohibitions against going ashore are in effect on many islands and sites. These are designated with yellow signs and in some cases buoys in the water.From April 1 to July 15 the speed limit on the lake is 5 knots.You are not allowed to build a fire or pitch a tent except on specially designated sites.On the county administrative boards' home pages, there is more detailed information on the nature conservation area.
REGULATIONS:Fishing is allowed only with handheld tackle.Each fisherman is allowed only two handheld tackle units or five units of special winter fishing equipment.Children under age 15 fish free when accompanied by an adult.
MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM SIZESApplies only to pike. Release pike less than 40 cm and more than 75 cm. A maximum of three pike per fisherman per day may be caught.
FISHING OVERSIGHTSweden's fishing inspection and enforcement personnel conduct random spot checks. In case of a check, you will be asked to show a valid fishing licence and identification. 

"Fascinating Fegen" has prepared a depth chart of Lake Fegen. It is for sale at Alvhaga Vildmark (tel +46 (0)346-61000) and the Fegen kiosk, and you can get it both laminated and unlaminated. 

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

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Fegens FVOF

Organization number: 865000-6292

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Fegen's FCAAFegen's Fishery Conservation Area Association.

You are welcome to fish in beautiful Lake Fegen, but first you must pay for a fishing licence and follow applicable fishing regulations. You also must observe the regulations that apply to the Fegen Nature Conservation Area with regard to speed limits, bird conservation and prohibitions against going ashore. 

Customer number: 109, Area: 73.

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