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Lägerplatser Fegenområdet

  Västra Götalands län, Hallands län and Västra Götalands län / Svenljunga, Falkenberg and Gislaved municipality.

Welcome to the Fegen area!

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Good to know

Several of the campsites are equipped with recycling bins for glass and cans as a first step towards more sustainable waste management. Remember to pick up your litter and note that cutting down trees and branches is not allowed. If lighting a fire between May 1 and September 30, the available fireplaces must be used as there is a ban on fires elsewhere. The fire ban applies to the entire nature reserve and the area around Kalvsjön, Lillån, Ätran and Stångån. To stay overnight within the boundaries of the reserve, a campsite must be used. It is not allowed to camp elsewhere.

There is supervisor who manages the area. The supervisor is employed to assist with camping services and keep the area tidy.

Service and equipment at campsites

All camp sites feature basic facilities, which include a barbecue area, waste disposal bins, firewood and composting toilets. Firewood is regularly replenished at all campsites during from May to October.

Buy a camp voucher

You must buy a camp voucher during 1/5-31/10  in order to spend the night at one of our campsites. These are available online, via the supplier Ifiske or via our retailers in the area. You can also download the Ifiske app for iPhone or Android. The proceeds of sales of camp vouchers fund service, maintenance and upgrading of our campsites so that we can continue to offer free firewood, toilet access and barbecue areas. 


If you use the services at campsites during the day and appreciate these services, you may wish to make a donation, information on how to do this is available at the campsite.

Thank you for helping us

Unfortunately, firewood sometimes runs out or our waste disposal bins get full. We would appreciate if you could inform us of this by sending an e-mail so that we can rectify the problem as soon as possible. It is important that you specify which campsite is missing firewood.


Backa North

This sheltered campsite is located on the northern part of the Backa headland. Located on the western shores of Lake Fegen, you will enjoy watching the sun rise from the east. You step ashore at the campsite itself, which is equipped with a wind shelter and boasts beautiful views of the lake. There space for pitching several tents. The campsite has unrestricted views across the lake and is surrounded by mixed forest. In spring and during wet periods, parts of the campsite can get wet. Backa North is a popular spot to stay the night.

Backa South

The Backa South campsite is located on a headland on the western shores of Lake Fegen. This campsite is a stone's throw south of the Backa North campsite. The campsite is located along the shoreline. On the water's edge you will find a barbecue area with an adjacent wood store. If you venture a little south, you will find a wind shelter and a large grassy area. This is a convenient spot for pitching tents and playing games. The campsite is located in a high spot with open views and can get a little windy.


Boberg campsite, on the eastern shores of Lake Fegen, is surrounded by forest. The campsite is located a hundred meters into the forest and features a grassed area with a wind shelter. Boberg is located in a slightly remote´area of the Fegen nature reserve. As the campsite is slightly hidden it gets fewer visitors than the others, which makes it a nice spot to camp. The most convenient way to get there is by foot, via the Gislaved trail, or by traveling across the water.


Boda campsite is the southernmost campsite by the river Ätran. It is located in a scenic and leafy spot at the edge of the river. Boda is a convenient place to stay the night while travelling south towards Falkenberg. This basic campsite features space for pitching tents. The campsite located slightly ahead of the portage at Skåpanäs waterfall. It is a nice, sheltered campsite.


Bökenäs campsite is conveniently located on Lake Kalvsjön. The campsite sits on the eastern shores of the lake, allowing you to enjoy the sunset. Bökenäs is a popular spot to spend the night. Here, you will be able to pitch your own tent or use the shelter and cook a meal on one of the two barbecues. You will be able to find wood a little further inland. An added advantage is the small sandy beach. It is the perfect place to take a dip in the lake after a long day’s canoeing!


Gravön campsite is in a slightly sheltered location with a magical feel. The campsite is located centrally on the eastern shores of Lake Fegen. The spot boasts a scenic barbecue area and features a wind shelter for staying the night. Right across the lake you will find the beautiful Sandvik church. Tents can also be pitched here.  


Grävlingabacken is conveniently located on the lake’s eastern shores, allowing you to step ashore directly on the campsite, which is located in the Fegen nature reserve. The spot boasts fantastic views across the lake and nearby islands. Grävlingabacken is located in the Fegen nature reserve and is easily accessible by car, canoe and on foot. The wind shelter allows for beautiful lake views. Wood is available to fuel the two fireplaces.


The Götshult campsite and portage is located in the strait between the lakes Kalvsjön and Svansjöarna. It is the perfect place to take a break. Götshult campsite is located a short distance from the landing in the direction of Kalvsjön. The landing area is located a short paddle from Fegen and features waste disposal and toilets. The portage between the lakes Svansjöarna and Kalvsjön is just over 500 meters. The campsite is located approximately100 metres from the Kalvsjön landing area. This basic campsite allows for the pitching tents.


The river Lillån runs from the northern part of Lake Kalvsjön. Karsbo campsite is located on the east side, approximately 5.5 kilometres up the river. At Karsbo campsite you will find an additional barbecue area and a shelter. It is a lush, green camp site surrounded by birches. A perfect excursion spot to visit from Kalvsjön. The campsite has plenty of space to pitch tents.


Kättarp campsite is located on the river Kättarpsån, which runs from Håcksvik to the northern part of Kalvsjön. Kättarp is located very close to the village of Kalv. The area is surrounded by meadows and birches and the campsite is often wet during spring and autumn. We therefore recommend this campsite when land is a little drier. This basic campsite features space for pitching tents.


The popular Lommaholmen campsite is located on a headland on the eastern shores of Kalvsjön.. Here, you will be able to enjoy the sunset and relaxing swims. The campsite is located midway down the lake and is reached via the adjacent sandy beach. Head up the slope from the beach to find a wind shelter and a barbecue area. There are several areas suitable for pitching tents but keep in mind that the terrain is rather hilly and surrounded by a large number of big trees. You will find firewood and a toilet further inland.


This campsite, which is also a popular in fishing circles, is located adjacent to the small community of Mårdaklev, on the eastern shores of Ätran. The campsite is narrow and stretches along the shoreline. The site also features several jetties that may require a bit of balance. It’s almost impossible to get any closer to the river while camping and barbecuing. Klev culture and nature reserve which has its own lookout point is located not far from the campsite. We recommend that you lace up your walking boots, step out of your canoe and explore the surroundings.


This campsite is located on the western shores of Lake Fegen, which is accessible only from the water, and is a perfect paddling destination for beginners. There is also a slightly quieter beach. It is the perfect place for camping and barbecuing.


Skåpanäs campsite is located by the power station of the same name. The campsite is located along the western shores of Ätrans and is well suited for a coffee break to prepare for upcoming portaging. Skåpanäs campsite is equipped with a barbecue, toilet and firewood. If you venture north of the landing you will find a grassy area suitable for pitching tents. There is also a water station where you can fill your water bottle prior to the approximately 2.5 kilometre portage.

Östra Frölunda

The campsite network’s northernmost campsite is Östra Frölunda. The campsite is not far from the village of the same name. The camp site is sometimes referred to as Mölneby, which is the name of the farm the campsite is located on. This charming campsite is well worth a visit. Its cosy wind shelter with grassed roof, just before Lillån runs out into Ätran, makes the spot very special. It is also located adjacent to the remains of the historical Kindahus.



Logo Fegenområdet

Svenljunga Municipality (Svenljunga kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Svenljunga.

Organization number: 212000-1512

Customer number: 1131, Area: 1093.

Contact persons

Web: www.visitfegen.se 


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