Forshaga fiskevårdskrets


Forshaga Fiskevårdskrets

  Värmlands län / Karlstad municipality.

The following fishing waters are included:

Klarälven: Lustens fvo, Torp – Forshaga fvo, Dejeforsens fvo, Klarälven – Ulleruds fvo. Ej Forstjärn, Deje (carp water)

Emsen – Lillsjön fvo: Emsen and Lillsjön,

Blysjön's fvo: Tjunken, Skarsjön and Bergstjärn. Not Blysjön

Västra Örtens fvo: The canal and dam in Mölnbacka. Not Western Herb

Vistens fvo: Vistens with all waters

Hynsjöarna's fvo: Södra Hyn, Acksjön and Sörtjärn

Syrsjön-Torptjärn fvo: Syrsjön and Torptjärn


Forshaga fiskevårdskrets

Forshaga Fisheries Management Circle consists of 13 different FVOs. Here you can fish everything from large zander, perch and pike to salmon in the famous Forshagaforsen. In addition, there are fantastic waters within the area for angling for large bream and other whitefish.

Organization number: 874002-0469

Customer number: 120, Area: 3185.

Contact persons

Lars Emilson


Fishing areas nearby Forshaga fiskevårdskrets

Forshaga forsen
Klarälven (Torp-Forshaga)
Klarälven-Löved FVOF
Klarälven, Dejeforsen

Affiliated fishing areas in Värmlands län
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