Hällerstad-Venasjöns FVOF


Hällerstadsjön, Venasjön

  Östergötlands län / Söderköping municipality.

Hällerstadsjön and Venasjön are two nutrient-rich lakes, with limited visibility depth in Söderköping municipality.

The lakes have fine fish stocks of pike and large perch. Implantation of pikeperch has taken place on three occasions, where we see a permanent establishment.

Availability increases if a boat is used.


Hällerstad-Venasjöns FVOF

Organization number: 802601-0309

Hällerstad-Venasjöns FVOF was formed in 1989 with the purpose of coordinating the interests of waterowners and creating opportunities for the increased recreational fishing.

Customer number: 381, Area: 342.

Contact persons

Christian Ankarstrand

070 - 556 65 43


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