Knislingebygdens FVOF


Helgeå, Almaån och Gummastorpssjön

  Skåne län / Östra Göinge and Kristianstad Municipality.
Knislinge fishing is a fishing area in wonderful nature that covers about 17km of Helgeå. From Emsfors power station in the north via Gummastorpssjön to Torsebro power station in Söder and 2km from Almaån from Wästerslövs pumphouse to the discharge in Helgeå and 5km from Bivarödsån from Humlarödsbäcken to the outflow in Helgeå.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)


Knislingebygdens FVOF

Knislinge FVOF is a association that works for a good fishing and environment on a stretch of about 17km of Helgeå.

Customer number: 1022, Area: 981.

Contact persons

Per Olof Björnsson
Hjärsåslilla Östergård 807
28933 Knislinge

Per Månsson 0703-475147


Fishing areas nearby Knislingebygdens FVOF

Helge Å (Broby Genastorp)
Tydingesjön, Kallsjön
Ballingslövssjön, Ottarpasjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Skåne län
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