Hullsjöns FVOF

  • 4.1 kilos caught 5/6 2019 ... there will be several :)

Hissjön, Stor-Hullsjön, Lill-Hullsjön

  Västernorrlands län / Sundsvall municipality.

Hullsjön's FVO consists of 3 lakes and a pond located in the northern part of the scenic Stöde parish. In winter, there are snowmobile trails that you can easily get from lake to lake even on regular skis.
We put trout in the 3 lakes every year.

Storhullsjön is a full 28 meters deep and hides many unfished big trout. If you want to bring a caravan or tent to Storhullsjön, we also have a small campsite with electrical outlets, toilets and a wood-fired sauna for rent. There is a nice sandy beach for those who want to cool off at the campsite. You can of course bring your own boat if you want, otherwise you can rent from us. Engine not included.
Something you fishing-hungry should know is that the largest lake trout in the Sundsvall area have been caught here several times in recent years +6 kilos.

The lift lake has a barbecue area, swimming area and loading area.

Lillhullsjön has a barbecue area and windbreak, road ahead.

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Hullsjöns FVOF

Hullsjöns FVOF has a board consisting of 5 members and 2 deputies.
The association has 4 supervisors.

The area includes Stor-Hullsjön, Lill-Hullsjön, Hissjön.

Organization number: 802427-1465

Customer number: 989, Area: 944.

Contact persons

Jari Saastamoinen
0730 - 62 45 87


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