Hornbetasjöns FVO


Hornbetasjön, Mossebosjön och Skogssjön

  Jönköpings län and Västra Götalands län / Gislaved and Tranemo municipality.

Hornbetasjön, Mossebosjön and Skogsjö Fiskevårdsförening welcome all fish-interested welcome to our lakes!

Fishing is allowed all year round.

Spider fishing and trolling are common, but it is also good to evaluate, fly fish and pimpla.
In Hornabaasjön, gös is implanted several times and the last release occurred in 1999 with adult fish.

Hornbetasjön, Mossebosjön and Skogssjön are the three lakes that are part of the Hornbetasjö fishing area where it is strong with pike, perch and roar. The largest perch caught has been 1.6kg. The lakes are located about 10km west of Gislaved and 20km south of Tranemo. The height of the sea extends from 208 to 200 for the 3 lakes. The lakes are moderately nutritious and the beaches are mostly flat. Slabs of gravel and sand occur. The vegetation consists of weak - moderate swamps and seams. The lake is mainly surrounded by pine forests with elements of leafy and cultivated fields.

There are many fishermen visiting for a year and everyone gets good catches.
Ability to fish from land.
Parking lot.
Mooring place for boat in Hornbeta Island.
Boat rental 4pcs.
The map of Hornbeta lake can be downloaded as a PDF as well as as an Autochart to the Humminbirds echo sounder ( https://chartselect.humminbird.com/liveshare )

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 13.
 The keeper must have taken note of and approved the applicable fishing rules and regulations.

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Hornbetasjöns FVO

Hornbetasjöns Fiskevårdsförening consists of the lakes Hornabaasjön, Mossebosjön and Skogsjön.

Little History:
On October 29, 1963, some interested fish owners gathered in Abborrhult to form a fish care association. Three lakes would be included in the association's activities: Hornbetasjön, Mossebosjön and Skogssjön.
Each fisherman was investing SEK 5 - which formed the association's initial capital. Then a fishing license costed 20 years.

In 1977, it was decided to invest in a firmer organization and a land survey was made where each fish owner had a percentage fixed. The only income you have is the sale of fishing licenses and all money goes to different types of fishing.

Organization number: 802601-2404

Customer number: 276, Area: 236.

Contact persons

Leif Andersson
0325 - 605 33
0706 - 34  69  69


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