Kilsbergen Sportfiske (Naturvatten)


Kilsbergen naturvatten Karlsdal & Villingsberg

  Örebro län / Karlskoga municipality.

Kilsbergen sportfiske manages a lot of natural waters in areas around Karlskoga.
Kilsbergen's natural waters can be found in Karlsdal and Villingsberg. There are just over 40 lakes and smaller ponds. In these waters we find natural stocks of pike, perch, here there is no release of fish.

  • The Karlsdal area is an eldorado for those who are looking for a place a little for themselves. In all our larger natural waters we allow boats and here there are good opportunities to find your own little bay.
  • In Villingsberg we offer many fine waters. The largest and deepest is Storsjön, which with its many bays and straits provides exciting fishing. It is also possible to launch a smaller boat from the road between Svinsjön and Lillsjön. Storsjön is a fantastic lake for winter fishing.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 13.
 Only from land
 Special family cards exist, and are required, which include child / youth fishing
 Young people fish for free from land. The fishing license does not apply to crayfish fishing.

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Kilsbergen Sportfiske (Naturvatten)

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Kilsbergen Sportfiske Naturvatten is divided into two areas, Karlsdal and Villingsberg.

Organization number: 556302-8108

Customer number: 1053, Area: 1010.

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Kilsbergen Sportfiske


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