Kristianstad Sportfiskeklubb

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KSFK dammar i Brostorp

  Skåne län / Kristianstad municipality.

Brostorp is located on Linderödsåsen in a scenic area, we have two ponds with rainbow!

Here are three barbecue places adjacent to our ponds.

In the upper part of the upper pond only fly fishing is allowed, only the embankment and the first bridge against the road is allowed for spinning.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.
 For 12 years fishing on the keeper's card and quota.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


Kristianstad Sportfiskeklubb

Logo Kristianstad Sportfiskeklubb

KSFK was newly formed in 1974.

We are about 70 members. Brostorp's sport fishing water was acquired in 1981 and we now have two ponds with implanted rainbow trout.

Brostorp is located on Linderödsåsen in a scenic area, here is also our clubhouse and three barbecue areas next to our ponds.

For questions about membership or other questions, email!

Organization number: 838202-0314

Customer number: 1187, Area: 1147.

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