Lidsjöbergs FVO

  Jämtlands län / Strömsund municipality.

Lidsjöberg is located about 7 km north of Strömsund after the wilderness road. The association manages an area with very interesting water with char, trout, rainbow and grayling.

If you want to spend some time in the area there is the possibility of various forms of accommodation, renting boats and shopping for supplies. Even larger parties can be accommodated in what has been the forest guard's residence, now a hostel or if you want to be close to nature in Moskoselkåta.

Water Perch Grayling Rainbow. Char Trout Barnv. Other
Bustadmyrtjärn x x
Countryside Water Tarn x x x
Countryside water x x x Horny, windshield
Dammtjärn x x
Flyarna x x
banner x x x windbreaks
Gärdsjön x x x Timber canopy, windshield, launch site
Gärdvattnet x x x x Hut, outdoor shower
Harr Sjoberg Tarn x x x windbreaks
Krokmyrtjärn x x windbreaks
Kvarntjärn x x x
Lidsjön x x x Timber canopy, windshield, launch site
Mörttjärn x x x windbreaks
Skarpabborrtjärn x x x Free for families with children.
Storån x Windshield, outdoor shower
The stream x x x x windbreaks
Svarttjärn x x x Ramp, windshield, outdoor shower
Sönnerhöjdstjärn x x
Zakrisvattnet x x x windbreaks

Fish species

Brown Trout






I Strömmen,Gärdsjön







Lidsjöbergs FVO

Lidsjöberg's fisheries conservation area is located in northern Jämtland by the village of Lidsjöberg in a scenic forest landscape where part of Vildmarksvägen has its stretch.

The area is also included in the Frostviken map .

Organization number: 893201-8784

Customer number: 121, Area: 87.

Contact persons

Sören Gustafsson
070 - 3952387


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Svaningssjön, Stråken, Fågelsjön m fl
Svaningens Fritidsområde
Storvattnet, Lillvattnet, Gårdstjärn mfl

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