Jämtlands län / Strömsund municipality.

The Vattudal card offers fishing within a very large area in and adjacent to Ströms Vattudal. There is an extensive water system in Northern Jämtland with Ströms Vattudal as the dominant lake, but the area also includes a large number of smaller lakes, ponds and streams. The extent of the water system provides opportunities for varied fishing in a scenic environment. A rich road system makes most of the waters easily accessible with access roads and good parking opportunities. Strömsund is the central town in the area. The main roads on both sides of Strömsvattudal, Vildmarksvägen and Björnvägen, as well as road 345 towards Ramsele are handrails in the area.

In the area there is good fishing for trout, char, grayling, perch, pike and whitefish. There are also rainbow trout in Ströms Vattudal.

Fishing water

  1. Ströms Vattudal , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout, char, rainbow trout
  2. Over Gissmansvatnet , perch, pike
  3. Spit water, perch, pike
  4. Swan water, perch, pike
  5. Spettnästjärna , trout, char
  6. Nordbutjärn , trout, char
  7. Lillallvatnet , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  8. Skarvsjön , perch, trout, char
  9. Buflotjärn , trout, char
  10. Renåsjön, perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  11. Kärrnässjön, perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  12. Lake Tällsjön, perch, pike, whitefish
  13. Björnsjön, perch, pike, whitefish
  14. Gubbsjön, perch, pike, whitefish
  15. Earwater, perch
  16. Lake Klövsjön, perch, pike, whitefish
  17. Big iron, perch, pike
  18. Rowing starfish, perch, pike
  19. Host lake, perch, pike
  20. Låssjön, perch, pike
  21. Lake Evensjön, perch, pike
  22. Kvarnån , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling
  23. Tännvikskanalen , perch, pike
  24. Bålsjön, perch, pike
  25. Fångsjön , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  26. Sporrsjön , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  27. Stamseleviken , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  28. Täxviken, perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  29. Faxälven , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling, trout
  30. Big water, perch, pike
  31. Stockwater , perch, pike
  32. Groundwater, perch, pike
  33. Västvattnet , perch, pike
  34. Deep water , perch, pike
  35. Skarpbergstjärn , perch
  36. Entjärn , perch, pike
  37. Storvattnet , perch
  38. Vängelälven , pike, grayling, trout, char
  39. Malmsjön , perch, pike grayling
  40. Trångsjön , perch, pike
  41. Grundsjön, perch, pike
  42. Hössjö , perch, pike
  43. Hössjöån , öriing
  44. Stora Bergsjön , perch, pike
  45. Bergsjötjärn , perch
  46. Carbon water , perch, pike
  47. Lake Regasjön , perch, pike, whitefish
  48. Chip iron , trout
  49. Other waters Malmsjöns Fvo , perch, pike
  50. Lake Onsjön, upper part , perch, pike, whitefish, grayling

The numbering of the fishing waters is shown on the attached map.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Vattudalskortet.

Fish species











Rainbow trout


Endast Ströms Vattudal




The Vattudalskortet is a collaboration between five fisheries management areas - Faxebygdens FVO , Russfjärdens FVO , Öhns FVO, Bonäs-Risnäs-Äspnäs SFF, Dragans FVO and Malmsjöns FVO

The Vattudal card gives you the opportunity to fish in Ströms Vattudal, its outlet as well as neighboring lakes and ponds with a single fishing card. The Vattudal card is administered by BRÄ, Bonäs-Risnäs-Äspnäs SFF. In parallel with the sale of the Vattudal card, the sale of fishing cards continues within the respective fisheries management area/community association.

Organization number: 716414-9770

Customer number: 1092, Area: 1064.

Contact persons

Göran Espmark
070 - 6621712


Fishing areas nearby Vattudalskortet

Ströms Vattudal, Ögelströmmen, Gärdviken m fl vatten
Öhns FVO
Trolling i Ströms Vattudal
Storvattnet, Lillvattnet, Gårdstjärn mfl

Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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