Ströms Vattudal Trollingkort


Trolling i Ströms Vattudal

  Jämtlands län / Strömsund municipality.

Ströms Vattudal in Norra Jämtland offers an exciting trolling fishing for coarse water eel trout, rainbow, pike, etc.

The 8 km long lake system provides an opportunity for interesting fishing, with great chances to see bears, moose or other wildlife.

Trolling passes are available for valid for the lake Ströms Vattudal. This extends over five fishery areas, from Hallviken in the south to Strocken, about 2 km downstream of Bågede. A total distance of about 80 km. The exception is the entire Öhn lake, and the area closer than 100 meters from the fish farms.

Strömsund, 100 km north of Östersund, is located at Russfjärden in Ströms Vattudal. Europe Road 45 passes through Strömsund and the resort has been since ancient times north of Jämtland's trading center. Strömsund's surroundings consist of beautiful and untouched nature is one of the world's most bear-stricken areas.

Visitors can choose to stay at Strömsunds Camping or at Hotel Nordica. For boaters there are many nice jetties to add to, for breaks and overnight stays. If you want to rest from fishing for a while, there are many worthwhile tourist destinations to visit. More information can be found on Strömsund's tourist office, as well as Strömsund's website.

At the villages Äspnäs and Gärdnäs there are large fish farms. This means that there may be escapes of coarse rainbow and some char. Launch ramps can be found at the hometown farm in Strömsund, in Allviken, in Gärdviken near Lidsjöberg and in Hillsand.

Charts are also available for purchase in Strömsund.

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Ströms Vattudal Trollingkort

The trolling group is a collaboration between five associations - Russfjärden's FVOF , Öhns FVOF, Bonäset-Risnäset-Äspnäs SFF , Dragans FVOF and Övre Vattudalen's FVOF .

The purpose is to be able to provide a common trolling map for the entire Ströms Vattudal, from Hallviken in the south to Strocken in the north.

Organization number: 716414-9770

Customer number: 1185, Area: 1145.

Contact persons

Magnus Svanberg
070 - 305 42 65


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Ströms Vattudal, Ögelströmmen, Gärdviken m fl vatten
Öhns FVO
Russfjärden, Fångsjön m fl vatten

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