Lyckebyåns FVOF (Karlskrona)


Lyckebyån Lyckeby-Biskopsberg

  Blekinge län / Karlskrona municipality.

Welcome to an extraordinary fishing and nature experience!

Fishing can be conducted along more than 10 kilometers of beaches with alternating calm and rushing waters.

We have a fantastic nature and the Lyckåleden trail is a 6 kilometer long hiking trail from the mouth to Lyckeåborg. The hiking trail increases the opportunity for good and wonderful recreation. The hiking trail is marked with green-white markings.

Fishing is focused on sea trout, pike, pike, perch but there are many more fish species. We assume that you as a guest with us respect the rules that apply and follow the signage that has been made and behave in such a way as one should in nature. As a fisherman, of course, both the written and unwritten rules that apply to all anglers follow.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Lyckebyåns FVOF (Karlskrona)

Organization number: 802600-4187

The association was formed in 1988.

The association offers fishing to the public from the mouth of the Baltic to Biskopsberg, a distance of about 10 kilometers. The river has both calm flowing water and streams.

Customer number: 851, Area: 811.

Contact persons

Johan von Koch
0702 - 453 000

Thomas Höijer
0768 - 847 750

Jonas Andersson
0708 - 96 22 62


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