Blekinge län

  • Bräkne-Hoby Norra FVO
  • Johannishus Godsförvaltning AB
  • Immelns FVO
  • Sportfiskeklubben Regnbågen
  • Ljusterhövdens mfl. sjöars FVO
  • Åsjön m fl sjöars FVO

Blekinge is Sweden's second smallest landscape, and Sweden's second southernmost. Nature's wildlife is a pure idyll for many. Here you will find everything from lush broad forests, cozy little villages, mountain ranges, to more open countryside.
In addition to the beautiful large archipelago, Blekinge also offers a large mix of streams and lakes.
The most famous fishing destination is, of course, Mörrumsån in Svängsta your people from all corners of the world go fishing for salmon and sea trout. The climate in Blekinge is of a seaside nature and offers relatively mild winters and pleasant summers.

Affiliated fishing areas in Blekinge län

  Bräkne-Hoby Norra FVO
  Immelns FVO
  Johannishus Godsförvaltning AB
  Karlshamns kommun (Mieån Södra)
  Karlshamns kommun (Kroksjöarna och Lindenborgssjön)
  Karlshamns kommun (Mieån)
  Ljusterhövdens mfl. sjöars FVO
  Sportfiskeklubben Regnbågen
  Åsjön m fl sjöars FVO
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