Ronneby kommun


Skärsjön (Ronneby)

  Blekinge län / Ronneby municipality.

Skärsjön is a forest lake near the center up to 9 meters deep.

Stock implanted rainbow trout, pike and perch.
We assume that you respect the rules that apply and follow the signage that is made and behave in such a way as you should in nature. As a fisherman, of course, follow both the written and unwritten rules that apply to all anglers.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Ronneby kommun

Organization number: 212000-0837

The municipality works for citizens and to make fishing accessible to the public.

Customer number: 1186, Area: 3007.

Contact persons

Daniel Svensson

0457-618210 Endast vardagar mellan 8:00-16:00


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