Västersjön-Lyckebyåns FVOF


Västersjön, Lyckebyån m fl vatten

  Kalmar län and Blekinge län / Emmaboda and Karlskrona municipality.

Welcome to fishing in the lush, beautiful Lyckebyån and our lakes Västersjön, Kalvsjön and Fursjön!

The watercourse runs through a historically beautiful cultural landscape characterized by a forestry with large elements of deciduous forests. The Lyckebyån border was between Sweden and Denmark until 1658 and is known for its great hero Dacke and all peasant peace between Danes and Swedes. Today, our fishing waters include fishing in two landscapes; Smaland and Blekinge.

In essence, fishing consists of pike, perch, geese and whitefish such as bream, roach and sauté.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Free fishing for children under 15 years

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Västersjön-Lyckebyåns FVOF

Our fish conservation area has been around since the early 1960s and manages and develops fishing in the Lyckeby River as well as Kalvsjön, Västersjön and Fursjön.

Our goal is to safeguard the interests of the fishing rights holders, preserve a characteristic inland fishery and the beautiful environment around the watercourses and provide fishing to the public. We do this by offering fishing licenses in parts of the Lyckebyån river, a distance of 7km as well as Kalvsjön, Västersjön and Fursjön.

Organization number: 802600-2660

Customer number: 849, Area: 809.

Contact persons

Ingemar Blomkvist
070 - 620 50 21

Per Johansson
070 - 694 39 00


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