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  Skåne län and Blekinge län / Östra Göinge, Kristianstad and Olofström Municipality.

Immeln Lake is located in northeastern Skåne with a smaller portion in Blekinge. It is located approximately 81 m OH and has an area of ​​24 sq km. The greatest depth is 28 m and the average depth is 7.2 m. The waterway is the distance from the lake's southern tip at the community Immeln to the northern part of about 20 km. The coastline with coves is 128 kilometers. Sea limed continuously to maintain the necessary pH value. Of more than a hundred islands are some fågelskydsområden, which means it is forbidden to go ashore during certain periods. In several places around the lake's boat hire and opportunities for tourists to rent accommodation.

Fishing licenses are valid for spinning incl. trolling with two rods, fly fishing, angling, jig and pole fishing. Of the total of twelve fish species in the lake are pike, perch, bream, tench, roach and whitefish are the most common. Especially pike fishing has been praised by the spin-fishing tourists.

There is a chart on sale in the places that sell fishing licenses.
The chart is very helpful, except for navigation, also in fisheries. It includes basic markings and detailed depth contours.

Within the conservation area conducted an active fishing supervision to promote the unique fishing in the lake.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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The fishing in the lake is managed by Immeln's fisheries conservation area association with the purpose of e.g. to provide fishing to the public against the sale of fishing licenses.

Customer number: 222, Area: 182.

Contact persons

Agne Andersson:
044 - 637 34

Jan Isaksson:
070 - 625 73 79



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