Landskapets fastighetsverk



  Åland / Maarianhaminan kaupunki (Mariehamn) municipality.

The Mariehamn card entitles to fishing in the specified area where most of the fishing water is in the immediate vicinity of the City of Mariehamn. Redemption of the Mariehamn card also entitles to fishing in the province's fishing license areas.

The Mariehamn map is an easily accessible fishing water area located inland with both reed stretches, groves and islets that are best suited from boats, but also to some extent from land. Ask Visit Åland where there are suitable fishing distances from land.

General launching ramp is in Östra hamn, Nabbens småbåtshamn and in Korrvik. The water is suitable for fishing for pike, perch and to some extent trout, whitefish and pikeperch.

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Landskapets fastighetsverk

The provincial real estate agency, or Fastighetsverket , has the right of possession over most of the province Åland's real estate in the form of buildings, land, forest and water. The Swedish Property Agency's main task is to provide the province's operations with suitable properties and in addition to rent them out on the market or sell properties.

The Swedish Property Agency is Åland's largest water owner, managing and developing 26 percent of Åland's water areas. The Swedish Property Agency handles fishing rights for commercial and leisure fishing and is responsible for monitoring the landscape's waters. The Swedish Property Agency also distributes the Mariehamn card to the City of Mariehamn.

Organization number: 2734625-5

Customer number: 1202, Area: 1202.

Contact persons

Stefan Rumander:


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