Gnosjö Sportfiskeklubb

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  Jönköpings län / Gnosjö municipality.

Welcome to a rich water in beautiful nature with a calm that can be compared to a mountain pond. A lake that harbors both fine rainbow and high-quality trout as well as a naturally reproducing stock of brook trout for those looking for that little something extra.

We have a number of easily accessible casting places located around the lake.
A wind shelter with a barbecue area is also available where you can start fishing with an overview of the water over a cup of coffee!

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Gnosjö Sportfiskeklubb

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GSK is a non-profit association, founded in 1959, which is managed and operated by about fifty members who are passionate about fishing and especially fly fishing. We currently have three club lakes where we conduct our fishing, of which Lake Moss is the only one available to other than club members and their guests. In the lake Mossa Lake, "Put & take" fishing is conducted against the ransom of fishing licenses.

Organization number: 893202-7686

Customer number: 1125, Area: 1087.

Contact persons

Christian Kannenberg
070 - 2638736


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Norra Vallsjön
Norra Gussjön, Hammarsjön m fl vatten

Affiliated fishing areas in Jönköpings län
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