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Norrköping City

  Östergötlands län / Norrköping municipality.
AREA A: From Fiskebydammen over Himmelstalund, Åbackarna and up to Färgargården.All fishing is allowed all year round. The most common species are pike, perch. We offer a nice and exciting fishing for both old and young, beginners and professionals.The main fishing is mainly focused on pike & perch. Periodically also good fishing for whitefish, perch, pike, bream, rainbow trout and whiting.BOAT ENGINE PROHIBITED ON THE TRAIL, Electric motor allowed.AREA B: Just downstream of the Iron Bridge and up to the Harbor Bridge. Sport fishing for large sea trout and salmon in central Norrköping. Fishing is allowed from the premiere in January to October 31, see our page at the following link for exact dates.We offer a nice and exciting fishing for both old and young, beginners and professionals. The main fishing is focused on sea trout and salmon of the species Gullspångsöring and Dalälvslax. Periodically also good fishing for whitefish, pikeperch, perch, pike, bream, rainbow trout and whiting. We annually support about 16,000 smolts of trout and salmon in Strömmen, which has also become a major tourist attraction that is noticed in the press and television. If you or your group, or school class wants to try fishing with us, you are most welcome to contact us.AREA C: From at the height of Ljura Bäck's estuary and Lindökanalen and the old inlet out to Högholmen. Sport fishing for, among other things, pikeperch, perch and pike is allowed all year round. During the period 15 September - 31 December, all fishing is prohibited within a radius of 500 meters from the mouth of the Pjältån river.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Up to the year they turn 16. Must be acknowledged.

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Cityfiske i Norrköping

The fishing center and city fishing today work as a hub for sport fishing in Norrköping (Strömmen).

The fishing center consists of a house with adjoining toilet and table for fish cleaning and is manned with fishermen during the fishing time. The fishing center serves as a central meeting point for anglers around Strömmen. Here you can get information about fishing, buy fishing licenses and hire equipment. In addition, all fish caught within the short-fishing line are weighed and registered.

Organization number: 802435-7348

Customer number: 62, Area: 22.

Contact persons

Kenneth Israelsson
​​​​​​0735 - 53 00 60


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Welcome to sport fishing in Norrköping City

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