Nykroppa-Storfors FVF


Nykroppa-Storfors FVF (Västra Skärjen mfl vatten)

  Värmlands län / Filipstad municipality.

Lake Västra Skärjen is a "put&take" lake of about 70ha located between Nykroppa and Gammelkroppa in Östra Värmland, about 1 mile southeast of Filipstad.

At Västra Skärjen there are wind shelters, an accessible jetty, toilets and several barbecue areas with picnic tables.

There are also 5 rowing boats for rent, cost SEK 100 per day. Three of the boats can be booked via iFiske and 2 are administered by Prästbäcksrasta in Nykroppa: phone 073 309 322 82

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Nykroppa-Storfors FVF.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


Gäller Västra Skärjen.



Gäller Östersjön och Mögsjön









Nykroppa-Storfors FVF

Logo Nykroppa-Storfors FVF

Nykroppa-Storfors fisheries management association leases approx. 50 lakes and ponds from Stora Enso Skog och Mark AB in southeastern Värmland in Storfors and Filipstad municipalities. (See map under PDF)

Västra Skärjen is one of the lakes that we lease and where we also conduct put & take fishing for rainbow trout. Annually, about 2,500 kg of high-quality rainbow trout are released, weighing between 0.8 kg and 8.5 kg. The association does not conduct profit-making activities in the Västra Skärjen, but the goal is to release fish for all the income that the fishing license provides.

We are about 500 members in the association.

Organization number: 872400-4810

Customer number: 492, Area: 452.

Contact persons

Frågor angående fisketillsyn:
Sune Hörnqvist 070 35 69 305

Medlemskort samt fiskekort till Västra Skärjen:
Sven Hedlund:  0701 - 43 12 44
Kjell Murås:       0722 - 34 73 96

John Kuljunlathi 0768 - 04 38 60



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