Östby FVOF


Östby FVOF Testeboån Vittersjön Norrtjärn Gnöttjärn

  Gävleborgs län / Ockelbo municipality.

Here you will find many good lakes with pike, perch and roach.
Testeboån and the Baltic Sea connect to each other and have many fine fishing spots with nice pike, perch and whitefish,

Lake Vittersjön is our largest lake with beautiful scenery for fishing with perch, pike and whitefish.

Northern pike with large perch and pike.

Gnöttjärn, which is very close to the road with good fishing.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Free fishing even without a guardian up to 15 years.

Fish species







Östby FVOF

We are a new old association that was reorganized this year with a new board.
We have nice fishing lakes with perch and pike in them, then we have the test lake where we hope there will be trout in a few years.
A new boat mooring is planned until next year and further a few new docks in the future.

Organization number: 802601-2594

Customer number: 3481, Area: 3544.

Contact persons

Peter Gunnarsson

0703 - 04 42 14


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