Holmen Skog Syd AB


Österängsgölen och Svartgölen

  Kalmar län / Västervik municipality.

The fishing license is valid for Österängsgölen and Svartgölen.


Holmen Skog Syd AB

Holmen is one of Sweden's largest landowners with 1.3 million hectares of forest. Our operations are organized in three regions - North, Middle and South. Holmen Skog Syd owns and manages approx. 80,000 ha. Within the forest holding, there are a large number of lakes that are leased out via fishing associations or where we sell fishing licenses.

Organization number: 559165-6631

Customer number: 3401, Area: 3516.

Contact persons

Johan Johansson


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Holmen Skog Syd Personal

Affiliated fishing areas in Kalmar län
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