Sävelångens FVOF


Sävelången, Lillelången

  Västra Götalands län / Lerum and Alingsås municipality.

Sävelången is an exciting lake with a chance for large specimens of almost all existing species.

The perch reaches a high average weight because the lake has a large population of smelt, which spawns in early May at Norsesund. In Sävelången, a number of trout over 5 kilos have also been caught - the largest at about 12 kg. Nowadays, the trout population is dwindling due to the fact that no more trout smolts can be used and the natural reproduction is weak.

There are good places to fish around Nääs bridge where it is possible to conduct successful fishing from the wooden bridge. Large pike, perch and nowadays also pikeperch are best caught out on the open water. The Sävelångs record for pike is 18 kilos, one of the largest pike that has been caught in the Gothenburg region. Perhaps the best perch places can be found next to the 15-meter plot at Ingared and the plot outside Tollered. Here are the Norse perch both summer and winter. It is probably also possible to have a good lake fishing in Sävelången, but this fishing is quite unexplored. Ice fishing can be good for both pike and perch, but currents under the ice make it tricky! However, Håvaredsviken is a relatively ice-safe and popular area.

At Nääs bridge there is a cafe´ and the beautiful and easily accessible fishing pier which is a very good fishing spot. There is also a launching ramp at Nääs.

Sävelången is also well located for those who do not have access to a car. It is fine to go to the local train stations Floda and Norsesund, both of which are next to good fishing spots.

Area: 570 ha.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Sävelångens FVOF

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