SFK Börstingen

  Norrbottens län / Luleå municipality.

Here you will find very good fishing for salmon and sea trout but also grayling, whitefish; Pike and Perch are found in the river.
Sportfiskeklubben Börstingen, which was founded in 1973, provides fishing water in the Lule river 300 meters downstream of the Boden power station next to the municipal border with Luleå.
Lule River:
Sport fishing club Börstingen leases a stretch of the Lule River. The stretch is close to the center of Boden. The club's goal is to develop and manage the fishery in the stretch downstream of the Boden power plant. The association welcomes new and old anglers to try one of Sweden's best Salmon and Sea Trout waters.
With us there is the opportunity to fish all year round.

Do you need accommodation when you visit us?
We have our own campsite!
Contact Birgitta Johansson by phone:
0702 - 08 46 72

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Fish species

Sea trout




SFK Börstingen

Organization number: 898500-8328

Customer number: 3376, Area: 3435.

Contact persons

Bo Elmgren

0703 - 95  50  03


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Affiliated fishing areas in Norrbottens län
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