Sörsjön, Norrsjön

  Örebro län / Lindesberg municipality.

Sörsjön is a water with many deep edges and hilly bottom. The lake has slopes from 3 to 23 meters and fine areas where pike, pike and perch thrive well.

A boat ramp is located in the river that runs between Norrsjön and Sörsjön, where there are also some parking for car and trailer. Parking is also available at the Å café about 70 m away.

The lake has a more even bottom and a maximum depth of about 8 m. The lake has delivered large perch and pike in the years. Pike over 6 kg and perch over 1.5 kg are caught annually. Norrsjön is a nice fishing lake that can deliver large fish and a fun fishing fish if you find the right one.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Only with a hand tool.

Fish species








Löa fish conservation area association started in 1982 and has a goal to carry out easier fish & water conservation in lakes Sörsjön & Norrsjön. Since the beginning, we have planted zander and have had good growth.

Organization number: 202100-2403*

*Register-keeping authority (e.g. a County Administrative Board)
Customer number: 606, Area: 566.

Contact persons

Sixten Sandström
076 - 340 29 32


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