Christinehamns Fiskevårdsförening

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Stor-Älgsjön Naturreservat

  Värmlands län / Storfors municipality.

Stor-Älgsjöns Nature Reserve.

An easily accessible outdoor area in a beautiful landscape where the old pines frame the lake and are reflected against the sparkling water. The nutrient-poor lake has a fish fauna that is covered by the most common species perch, pike, roach and possibly whitefish. Birds such as great loons, ospreys and ospreys also forage here, while capercaillies and crows occur in the forest areas. Find here. Location: The reserve is located 12 km southwest of Storfors and 18 km north of Kristinehamn. Directions: Turn off the E18 at Stolpen (Ölme) and follow the signs to Lindås. Then turn right towards Kallkällhult. Alternatively, turn off the E18 at Väse, follow the signs to Hagfors, Berg, Anneberg, Lindås and turn right towards Kallkällhult. Stor-Älgsjön is approx. 151 ha.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Christinehamns Fiskevårdsförening

Christinehamns Fiskevårdsförening, abbreviated ChFF, is an apolitical association whose task is to conduct fisheries conservation and work for the practice of sport fishing for its members. A person who lives in Kristinehamn municipality and the surrounding area can apply for membership.

Organization number: 873600-3792

Customer number: 3153, Area: 3186.

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