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Vilången, Bergtjärnen, Ämten m fl sjöar

  Värmlands län / Kristinehamn and Storfors municipality.

Vilångens FVO is located in the Kristinehamn and Storfors municipalities in eastern Värmland and includes the lakes; Stora Vilången, Lilla Vilången, Bergtjärnen, Vassgårdasjön, Mjögsjön and Ämten.

The lakes are located in the forests of the lower Bergslagen area. Surrounding the lakes, there are very few summer cottages, so you will surely find your "own little fishing spot".

In the lakes, there's plenty of perch, pike and roach, maybe some rudd or burbot if you're lucky. At the Stora Vilången lake, there is a nature reserve with 300-year-old pine trees on the islands. At the mainland you will find a windbreak camp with a fireplace.


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Vilångens FVOF

Vilångens FVO was formed in 1991.

The association manages fishing in the area and safeguards the interests of fishermen. To make the lakes accessible to the public, fishing licenses are issued for all lakes in the area.

The lakes have been limed regularly since the fishery area was formed in the early 90's and the association has continuous control of pH values etc. Thanks to the liming, our lakes are well and have good pH values.

Organization number: 012411-2665

Customer number: 739, Area: 699.

Contact persons

Göte Melin
0702 -  42 62 62


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