Stora Hensjöns FVOF


Stora Hensjön

  Kronobergs län / Tingsryd municipality.

Stora Hensjön is a beautiful spring lake in the municipality of Tingsryd in southern Småland.

The area is 300 hectares, with an average depth of 3.9 meters and a maximum depth of 10 meters. The lake is relatively nutritious with a rich fauna. The lake is part of Ronnebyån's water system and constitutes water supply for more than 5,000 households and industries in the municipality of Tingsryd.

Access to the lake is good with a small boat ramp at Blötans bathing area in the eastern part of the lake.

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Stora Hensjöns FVOF

The goal of Stora Hensjöns FVOF is to maintain fresh water with a rich fish stock and good accessibility, in order to meet the need for fishing and recreation.

Customer number: 207, Area: 168.

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Ulf Grönevik

0768 - 848 914


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