Storsjöbygdens FVO


Storsjön, Svartsjön, Metartjärn mfl

  Västernorrlands län / Örnsköldsvik municipality.

Storsjöbygden's fisheries conservation area is located 50 km northwest of Örnsköldsvik, in a very scenic forest area with 23 lakes and ponds.

Most famous are Storsjön with large pike and perch, Svartsjön and Metartjärn where we release large trout annually and in Mellan-Movattnet with large chars. At the bathing place in Långviksmon there is a small campsite for caravans, a wood-fired sauna and within walking distance a grocery store, as well as a lunch restaurant etc.

In Storsjön there is a ramp for launching boats at the bathing place.

NOTE! Free youth fishing licenses are available, apply to lakes with pike and perch. However, not planted water.
These are available at card retailers.

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Brown Trout


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Storsjöbygdens FVO

Storsjöbygden's fisheries management area is located 5 miles northwest of Örnsköldsvik, in a very scenic forest area with 23 lakes and ponds.

Our aim is to offer good fishing with good service in a nice environment.

Organization number: 889600-2246

Customer number: 213, Area: 173.

Contact persons

Åke Söderlind, ordförande:
0706 - 39 55 59

Bo Edmark , fiskekontrollant:
0703 - 57 78 41

Jens Lindgren, fiskekontrollant:
0730 - 77 76 43

Robert Söderlind, fiskekontrollant:
0703 - 98 79 83


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