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Storsjöns FVO utan Bolån (Borås)

  Västra Götalands län / Borås Municipality.

Welcome to Storsjöns FVO and SFK Pelikanen!

We are at Storsjön, which is approximately 1 mile south of Borås and offers a fantastic wildlife feel.
There you can fish in our 19 lakes. You can also walk the trail around Storsjön. Discover the beautiful scenery and see the trails of the ancient cultural landscape.

Greater Lake is a created lake. In order to better control the water supply, Rydboholmsbolaget AB decided to build a water magazine in 1905. The work of blasting a tunnel was completed in 1909, and Storsjön was full of water on January 20, 1910. Then the level had been raised by 10 meters.
A whole landscape of farms and agriculture was now under the surface and has given birth to several coves. Greater Lake is about 150 ha and contains more than 8 million m3 of water. Has a mean depth of about 5.8m and the deepest is the 22.5m.
Due to the regulation in the lake, there is not much beach vegetation. In the lake there are perch, brax, pike, gosh, roach and eel. Gösen is protected 1/5 tom 15/6 min. dimensions are 45 cm.
Birdlife is also part of Lake Stora. Every year there is a big litter, big bang, snap, snap and nipple and sometimes we also have a couple of fish caviar.

The area also includes Abborratjärn, Abborrasjön, Björsjön, Duvesjön, Furesjön, Galtatjärn, Gäddesjö, Kroksjön, Lilla Älsjön, Lomsjö, Madtjärn, Orrleketjärn, Rönnesjö, Skallasjön, Skallatjärn, Stora Älsjön, Storsjön, Vänesjön and Ängsjön.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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SFK Pelikanen

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Pelikanen är en stor fiskeklubb, med ca 100 medlemmar.
I huvudsakligen är syftet med föreningen sportfiske i sjöar och hav. Vi håller det på en hobbynivå, men det finns även de som tävlingsfiskar. Det finns olika sektioner inom klubben i följande insjö, flugfiske, trolling och hav och vi följer Sportfiskarnas stadgar.

Contact persons

Christer Sten, kassör/hemsida:
033 - 29 41 49
070 - 559 14 98 

Christer Norberg, ordförande:
033 - 29 16 33
076 - 888 50 57


Fishing areas nearby SFK Pelikanen

Bosjön mfl sjöar
Sävsjön (Borås,Mark)

Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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