Float trolling Overview

Float trolling

A popular method for pike.

The Basics

Float trolling has emerged as a really popular method after Gädda in recent years, and it has proven to be very effective.

What the technology is about is that with a slow-moving boat you "feed" with bait fish, not unlike trolling and fishing, but the difference is that you fish with a float on the water surface and are in motion. The most common and most effective is to use an electric motor to move the boat forward, it sounds minimal and has a calm and smooth running. However, it is also possible to row the boat.

The depth to fish varies according to external conditions, water depth and season. In order to get the bait fish down, you are diluted with lead shot, for example. Nearest to the grazing fish and hooks, it is important to have a pike tavern, so that the pike do not bite off the rope with its sharp teeth. The bait fish is usually fastened with two wooden hooks.

What makes Float Trolling so effective is partly that you use natural bait, but also that you give the bait a more natural course because you bring the bait in a slow moving motion.


To be able to float, you can use a variety of products. A rod between 6-9 feet and a throw weight of 20-60 grams goes just fine.

When it comes to reel you can use both reel and multi reel.

Regarding rope, it is braiding rope or nylon that applies, always make sure to have a diameter so can handle large pike. And as usual when it comes to pike fishing, it is important to have a pike taffet closest to the hook.

There are floats specially developed for Float Trolling, but the rule is that the float should preferably be elongated. You have to adapt a little to the conditions how big the flow should be.

Bait fish can be anything from Mört, Perch, Herring and Norwegian mm

Also, remember to bring a net, hook, mat, pliers, extra hooks and paws.

Advanced tips

To find where the fish stands as a sonar invaluable.

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