Vertical Fishing Overview

Vertical Fishing

An exciting approach for primarily Zander.

The Basics

Vertical fishing has been gaining ground for some years now. But what is it that makes it so fun and popular? First and foremost, it is easy and not very expensive.

Fishing is very popular when fishing for walleye, but it has also become popular to vertical fish for trout in our deep, large lakes. The method works in all types of lakes.
The technology is to be from a boat, fishing a jig (fishy rubber bait) straight down into the water vertically. It may well be likened ispimpel or båtpimpel, but with the big difference that with access to modern equipment can target the fish you want to fish.
With the help of a sonar to find fish or fish you want to target and then lowers it down his bait about 1 meter above and try to lure the fish to bite. Depending on what season it is, you can zander stand at different depths. During the spring and early summer is usually zander deep to defend it exists roe from the females, then it is usually very rewarding to lower the bait to the bottom and then just crank it up a few centimeters and happy fishing jig in quiet movements. During the summer is usually zander little higher up in the water layers.
Thanks to the advanced sonar today there is an opportunity to both keep track of their own bait and fish. Thus, one can see the fish approach the bait. Crazy fun, a bit like "video game fishing".
Usually we have fishing for Walleye was best in the evenings and mornings, but in that you can fish at such depth as it has been shown that the vertical fishing during the day are just as effective.


For vertical fishing one needs no sophisticated equipment.

- A vertikalspö should be light, stiff, about 6 feet long with a delicate state, in order to be able to feel the slightest mark.
- It works with both spinning reel and a multiplier reel, many prefer multi-reel because it is very good in the hand and his big adjustment.
- The line that the use of exclusively braided line. A braided line is dumb, and this is necessary in order to have maximum contact with the bait. It is also important that the line is fairly thin, partly because it optimizes contact with the bait, but also for the rope when the cutting water easier.
- Regarding streamer (as wrapping electricity) so many prefer Flourcarbon because it is dumb, denser than nylon and that it is not visible in the water. The leader joins to the flätlinan, such as the Albright knot.
- Jigs are all sorts of designs. But it is good to acquire jigs in various sizes and colors. A color change can be the difference between a successful fishing day and a bad day of fishing. It is very important that you fish with a jig skull is rather heavy (20-30 grams), allowing easy coming down in depth and to obtain optimum contact with the jig.

In addition to this equipment, it is also important to obtain the good sonar and an electric motor. An electric motor is incredibly helpful because it often happens that to run away from the shoal you should fish on, then, with the help of the electric motor easily stick in the right place without having to use fuel engine, which both are trickier but even louder.

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