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08‑13No fishJan Pettersson Spinning
08‑12No fishTim Bäcklund Spinning - No bait worked -
20 kgKonrad Taren 22.5 kg
Spinning SPOON
08‑10No fishTim Bäcklund Spinning - No bait worked -
08‑09No fishPer Hedblad Spinning
6 kgHåkan Lestander Spinning SPOON
08‑08No fishConny Dagfjäll Spinning
08‑08No fishRune Dagfjäll Spinning
08‑06No fishFolke Erngrund Fly (Enhand)
 Lejonström nedre
Spinners between (6-12 grams)
08‑06No fishNiklas Johansson Spinning
 Skellefteå älv
08‑05No fishMarie Karlsson Spinning
08‑04No fishMarie Karlsson Spinning
 Skellefte älv
- No bait worked -
08‑04No fishMichael Wallin Spinning
- No bait worked -
08‑04No fishMats Fällman Spinning
20 kgRobin Erkki
17,5 -18kg
08‑03No fishPär Jakobsson trolling
07‑30No fishJoacim Nyberg Spinning - No bait worked -
07‑30No fishTherése Palanius Spinning - No bait worked -
07‑30No fishErik Antonsson Spinning - No bait worked -
07‑29No fishMalin Larsson trolling - No bait worked -
07‑29No fishLiam Antonsson Spinning SPOON
07‑29No fishLouie Antonsson Spinning - No bait worked -
07‑28No fishArvid Stefanusson Fly (two-handed)
 Lennström fvo
07‑27No fishFredrik Samuelsson Spinning
07‑27No fishKevin Samuelsson Spinning
07‑27No fishVilmer Sandin Pellikka Fly (Enhand) Fly - Gold Head
07‑26No fishAnton Wiklund Spinning
- No bait worked -
07‑25No fishKimmo Virtanen trolling
07‑23No fishAndreas Berglund Spinning
07‑22No fishPatrik Lindberg Spinning SPOON
07‑22No fishPatrik Berntsson Fly (Enhand)
07‑20No fishLars Sundelius Spinning
07‑16No fishAlexander Huusko Spinning - No bait worked -
07‑15No fishVilmer Nygren Spinning
07‑14No fishChrister Eriksson Spinning
07‑12No fishCarola Vall Fly (Enhand)
07‑12No fishFredrik Nenzén Spinning
07‑11No fishIda Frank Spinning
06‑28No fishAnders Boström Spinning Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
06‑22No fishMikael Hromnatskyi Spinning Wobbler small (0-10 cm)
06‑21No fishNiklas Rantanen Spinning
 Skellefteå älven.
Spinners between (6-12 grams)
06‑15No fishKarin Långdahl
En underbart vilsam och varm fiskekväll i flödande sol.
 Ovanför Lejonströmsbron
06‑08No fishKarin Långdahl Spinning
 Nedanför Lejonströmsbron Skellefteå
Spinners large (over 12 grams)
05‑28No fishGabriel Lindgren Spinning
05‑10No fishErik Kemppainen Spinning
05‑07No fishJohan Söderberg Spinning
Brown Trout
4.25 kgNicklas Blomqvist Spinning
05‑06No fishJohan Löfstedt Spinning
05‑04No fishJohan Danielsson Spinning
Brown Trout
1 kgLukas Forsberg

Spinning Spinners between (6-12 grams)

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